07 October 2013

mr. marlin and the carl barger memorial

even before the marlins had played their first game as a franchise, they suffered the loss of their team president.  carl barger passed away during the 1992 winter meetings from an aortic aneurysm.  he had been appointed president in 1991, following a three year stint as the pirates' president.

during spring training, the marlins wore black armbands to recognize barger's passing.  here's the back of benito santiago's 1994 upper deck card to demonstrate
it's a photo from vero beach.  say hello to ron perranoski and another dodger coach.

once the regular season began, they wore 'carl' patches below their inagural year patch.  you can kind of see it on this 1994 topps kenny powers matt turner card
but perhaps the best example is this 1994 topps stadium club jeff conine card
and it is probably most appropriate that mr. marlin represents this memorial in my collection.

the marlins also retired the number 5 in barger's honor (he was a big joe dimaggio fan), but, being the marlins, in 2012 they allowed the number to be worn by logan morrison because his father was a big george brett fan.

oddly enough, the front of santiago's 1994 upper deck card shows him behind the plate in dodger stadium with what appears to be a black armband on his right sleeve.
however, thanks to the 125th anniversary patch santiago is wearing, we know that the photo comes from 1994, and not 1993.  santiago just liked to flip the cuffs of his jersey inside out.

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