27 October 2013

should i keep this card?

so, i am wondering what other player collectors would do in this situation.  i have a 2012 topps nolan ryan golden great card that i pulled from a pack.  
i am wondering whether to keep this card or not.  sure, it's a nice card of a hall of fame pitcher wearing a colorful uniform.  i did used to have a ryan pc, but that ended with most of my other pc's around 2002 or so.

no, the reason i am questioning the card is because of the back
my main man steve garvey gets a mention on the back!  even though it was the nlds (not the nlcs), garvey's home run was the only blemish on ryan's effort that day in '81.  it's nice of topps to mention the garv, but i don't know that text on the back is enough to earn a spot in the garvey binder.

what do you think?


Fuji said...

Wow... if you decide to throw that card into the Garvey binder, you're opening the flood gates (which isn't necessarily a bad thing). If you're the type of guy who collects everything Garvey (like non-Garvey cards that have him in the background), then "yes"... I'd add it to the binder.

But personally... my Gwynn binder is already too hard to organize. So if it were me and I found a non-Gwynn card that mentions Gwynn... I'd probably blog about it and toss it into a box.

P-town Tom said...

I agree with Fuji. With a player like Garvey, or in Fuji's case Gwynn, the flood gates would most definitely open.

Be careful, once the gates are open they are difficult to close!

MrMopar said...

I don't think Garvey makes too many cameo's, at least in picture. not sure about card text though. There are people who collect that way. i remember crossing paths with a rickey Henderson collector who collected anything that even mentioned rickey by name or if he was pictured anywhere 9checklists, card backs, magazine articles, etc). That is certainly an angle one could explore, especially if they were near completion on a more standard collection.

For me, it's too much work. I have pulled aside some checklists, team cards and such, but to worry about the OPC versions and all of the other variations is just too much.

night owl said...

That kind of collecting is obsessed with a capital "HOW MANY CATS ARE IN THIS HOUSE ANYWYAY?????"