05 October 2013

more cards from bo

just a few more cards from bo at baseball cards come to life.  some of you might be wondering why i didn't just put all the cards in one big monster trade post. some of you may not.  anyway, the reason is that i am hindered by blogger's 20 label limit.  i like to label the set and team of each card i post, and if it is a dodger card then the player gets labeled, too.  then there are the subcollections (lurkers, dodger stadium, memorials, double plays) that get labelled.  i also label my trade posts with 'bp' which covers all of my interaction with other bloggers (trades, group breaks, etc.).  that's why you get four posts today to cover one trade with bo.

here's a 1994 fleer flair raul mondesi card
and a 1995 upper deck hideo nomo card
strange that i had not posted either one of those cards before today.

i will close out the bo-lapalooza with three double play cards - 1997 topps stadium club alex gonzalez
on which jose valentin seems to not realize that he forgot to throw the ball to first base,

2000 topps stadium club craig biggio
on which biggio has thrown the ball,

and 2000 topps stadium club barry larkin
on which barry is seen levitating over barry bonds.

thanks again bo!

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Nick said...

That Gonzalez card is a beauty.