09 October 2013

in the cards

so, the dodgers will face the cardinals in the nlcs.  i hope the dodgers win, but i don't necessarily need to see chris carpenter and company cry about it.  seriously, someone come up with a caption for this card from 2012 topps.
pujols looks like he's either trying to console carpenter or make sure that he ate all of his veggies.  either way, neither carpenter nor pujols will be around to face the dodgers starting friday.  neither will this other guy - brendan ryan - who was caught turning two on his 2010 upper deck card
ryan finished up the 2013 season with the yankees who, of course, missed the playoffs.  however, there is one guy on that card who will be in the nlcs - adrian gonzalez.

i was disappointed to see the pirates' season come to an end, but i was hoping they would only have four more games to play anyway.

see you on friday, cardinals.


Wilson said...

Yeah Carpenter got a little overdramatic after that win, from the 2011 NLCS I believe. Even as a Cardinal fan that shot makes me cringe a little.

Here's to a good NLCS for us both, win or lose.

madding said...

I disagree with the above comment!

Hopefully this will go better for the Cardinals than their last playoff meeting with the Dodgers.