03 October 2013

11 more wins

october starts today for the dodgers.  i, like all other dodger fans, am hoping that the team has 11 more wins in them this year.  i had a couple of cards from octobers past scanned and figured today was a good day to show them.  here's a 1964 topps world series card featuring ron fairly and the yankee bullpen.
back in 1963, the dodgers only had to win four games in the postseason to claim the title.

here's a 1989 woolworth card of mike davis
davis earned some redemption of sorts with his home run in game 5 of the 1988 world series.  after spraining his ankle in spring training, he had a pretty rough season with the dodgers, but his game 5 home run gave the dodgers some cushion and made me feel better about davis.  the dodgers won 8 games in the 1988 postseason - the most they have ever won in october.

this is a history of the game insert from 2010 topps that (if it is in any way accurate visually) shows the dodgers and yankees playing in the 1947 world series.
unfortunately, the dodgers only won 3 games that postseason.  this year, i'm looking for 11.

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