05 October 2013

bo goes big

bo from baseball cards come to life went big in a (not so) recent trade.  he sent me, among other things, some dodgers from the 1989 topps big set.  here's tim belcher running the bases in dodger stadium while simultaneously looking longingly into the stands at a vendor selling dodger dogs.
mickey hatcher is doing normal baseball activities on his card, for once.
and jim poole is reveling in his time as an olympian on his card
poole is listed as a member of the dodgers on this card (check the back)
unlike his 1988 topps traded card.  unfortunately, poole didn't appear in the olympics.

here's franklin stubbs' card to finish off the dodgers that i received
bo also included a couple of 1988 topps big cards, due to their double play awesomeness.  oddibe mcdowell tried to break up two on his card
but it looks like willie randolph (i assume) was able to make the relay.

the other card bo sent was of none other than randolph himself, again turning two
thanks bo - i've got some more of the cards you sent lined up to post today.  stay tuned.

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