07 October 2013

a patch for the rockies' president

keli mcgregor was the president of the rockies from 2001 until the time of his death in april of 2010.  he had joined the rockies in 1993, their first year of competition, and had worked his way up to the club presidency over the next 8 years.  mcgregor had starred in football at colorado state university, and played in the nfl with the broncos and the colts before heading into a career in sports administration.

the cause of death was a viral infection that affected his heart.  he was 47 years old.  the rockies paid tribute for the remainder of the 2010 season by wearing 'ksm' patches on the sleeves of their full jerseys (as seen on ubaldo jimenez's 2011 bowman card)
and on the chests of their vest style jerseys (as seen on troy tulowitzki's 2011 bowman card)
i believe that the rockies have left mcgregor's initials on display on their outfield wall since 2010.

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