15 October 2013

a few cards that should have been for the 1978 topps dodgers in 1985

it's time to put a bow on the 1978 topps dodgers as they were in 1985.  or, rather, as they should have been.  there were some very obvious omissions from the topps set that year, not the least of which was a card highlighting the 1984 postseason.  here's my take on the nlcs wrap-up card that should have been
steve garvey walk-off action!  the garv earned his second nlcs mvp award in 1984, by the way.  he also returned to the starting lineup for the nl in the all-star game, but topps chose to feature keith hernandez as the first base all-star in the 1985 set.  here's the garvey card that should have been
i know i've shown that one before, but it needed to be seen again.  just like this one, the dave lopes 1985 topps card that should have been
none of that a's card with the 'now with cubs' text nonsense.

although, it would have been cool if topps had done that with don sutton in its traded set.  sutton, who was dealt from the a's to the angels during the season was omitted from the 1985 traded set.  here's what the lazy topps worker might have come up with had sutton been included in the checklist.
a better version would have been a card with sutton in angels gear, like this one
also left out of the traded set for some reason was tommy john, who went from the angels to the a's during the 1985 season.  here is his 1985 topps traded card that should have been
perhaps the biggest player omission from the 1985 set, for me anyway, was rick monday.  he finished up his career in 1984, but neither topps nor fleer nor donruss put him in a 1985 set.

for shame.  here is the 1985 topps (and final tribute) card that should have been for the first ever amateur draft pick.
yes, like the garvey all-star and the lopes cards, you've seen that before.  this time, however, i made a back to go with it.
not a bad career for mo.

coming soon, the 1978 topps dodgers in 1986.  stay tuned.

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