12 October 2013

feels like 1985 (or 2004) times

well, that sucked.  down 2 games to none with their best pitchers having pitched as well as one could have hoped doesn't give me a whole lot of hope.  the dodgers have lost two of the last three postseason series that they have played against the cardinals, and, unless they go 4-0 (or 4-1) in their next few games, they will lose another one.

so, it feels like an appropriate time to show some cards that i received from madding at cards on cards a while back.  he didn't send any cards from 2004 - the last time the dodgers dropped a series to saint louis - but he did send this donruss all-stars card of pedro guerrero from 1985 
that was the year of jack clark and ozzie smith and tom niedenfuer.  enough about that.

there were a healthy number of mike piazza cards in the package, too.  like this fantastic 1994 topps stadium club card
a nice post-play at the plate card featuring piazza wearing the tim crews memorial patch in dodger stadium.  madding sent a few other memorial patch cards that i will show in their respective posts sometime in the future.

here's another piazza play at the plate card, this one coming from 1994 upper deck.
the strongest man in socal was featured on another 1994 upper deck subset card, this one a home field advantage card
which also showcased dodger stadium's symmetrical dimensions.

here's piazza again on a 1995 upper deck card
with a photo that could've fit right in with upper deck's 2010 set

same with this 1998 donruss card from the fan club subset
piazza gets out of the gear and up to the plate on his 1998 upper deck card
which features some spring training agility drills
one last piazza card, this one from 1998 upper deck collector's choice
one of his last dodger cards, too, by the way.

fast forward to 2005 topps opening day, here's kazuhisa ishii signing some autographs
as he is in the 2005 topps chrome set, too
fast forward again to 2011, here's a 2011 bowman dee gordon card
it's another dodger stadium card, and another memorials card as dee's sporting the duke snider memorial patch.

thanks for the trade kerry.  here's hoping the dodgers can even up the series and make more like 2009 than 2004 or 1985.

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Fuji said...

Sorry about the Dodgers. I hope they bounce back to make things at least interesting.

Cool Pedro. I love those postcard size Donruss Action All-Star sets from the 80's.