21 October 2013

the paul splittorff memorial patch

paul splittorff spent his entire professional career with the kansas city royals - first as a pitcher and, after retiring from the active roster, as a broadcaster for the team.  he was the first royal pitcher to win 20 games, and is the team's all-time leader in wins with 166.

splittorff passed away in may of 2011 from cancer, and the team wore a 'splitt' patch on their right sleeves for the remainder of the season.

you can see it on billy butler's 2012 topps opening day card
and it is more clearly seen on bruce chen's 2012 topps card
but the card that goes in my memorials binder is this 2012 topps chrome mike moustakas refractor
splittorff did help the royals get to their first world series in 1980, but retired in 1984 and so was not a part of the 1985 world championship team.  still, he was obviously a big part of the royals' organization, as the memorial patch attests.

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