18 October 2013

best of the update blaster

here's the blaster of 2013 topps update that i bought on tuesday.  actually, i'm just going to show the best card of each pack.  inserts, mostly.

pack 1 - jackie robinson 1971 mini
jackie always wins the pack

pack 2 - robert andino target red parallel
andino had a nice double play card in series 1.  now, after signing a free agent deal with seattle, he just has the coors logo behind him.  and, to make things worse, andino was traded to pittsburgh at the deadline.  so update already needs an update for andino.

pack 3 - mark reynolds gold parallel
same goes for reynolds.  after he was released by the indians in august, the yankees signed him and reynolds finished out the season in the bronx.

pack 4 - brian wilson
just a good ol' dodger base card

pack 5 - juan uribe target red parallel
i think this is the fourth uribe card i pulled on tuesday.  at least this one is a parallel

pack 6 - mike trout 1971 mini
i was once a member of the automobile club of southern california.  good to see the logo again.

pack 7 - mike olt
this was a boring pack

pack 8 - luke scott target red parallel
scott wins the pack thanks to his strange facial hair.  i should note that each pack had two red parallels, and that one of them was usually the same player as the first card in the pack.

pack 9 - roberto clemente 1971 mini
now if i could only find an actual 1971 topps clemente for my set...

pack 10 - michael cuddyer all-star subset
it's odd to see cuddy in a softball uniform.  that there is your 2013 national league batting champion.  who woulda thought?

and now for the rookie card silk manufactured thingy pack...

cal ripken jr 1982 topps traded
there are a few dodgers in this set, but i can't complain too much about getting ripken.

i may pick up another blaster over the weekend if i have some time.  meanwhile, all the non-dodger cards shown here are available...


Nick said...

I'm surprised Topps put Mike Olt in the Update checklist considering he hasn't even played a game with the Cubs yet.

Dhoff said...

That Rip is pretty sweet. I do have some Dodgers piling up in the bait. Let me know if you're interested.