22 October 2013

if it were up to him, we'd all be losers!

i am no charlie sheen, but i figure that i am not losing at life.  i've got good friends, a good job, a great family, good health, and a pretty good little baseball card collection.  that last part certainly isn't necessary, but i think it helps in my case.

i don't need any extra motivation to keep going, but if i did, chris coghlan's 2011 topps attax card provides it.
look closely
good golly!  i mustn't lose!  the last thing that i want is for the former rookie of the year (he beat out, among others, andrew mccutcheon that year) to be better at hitting fastballs and change-ups.  maybe if he joined the dodgers, i would wish for it, but certainly not at my expense.

it seems like not too many marlins fans are losing either.  coghlan's stats had been in decline since 2009 until a slight uptick last year.  still, he remains in the majors which is no small feat.  i suspect that whomever is doing the losing (jeffery loria?), chris coghlan thanks you.  it's just not me.

[i forgot to mention that this is my 'round 0' entry in the nachos grande blogger bracket challenge]


Cardhobbyist said...

Considering how the Marlins have played recently, Coughlan must get a lot +5's

Chris Reed said...

I would need extra motivation if I were a Marlin too!

Play at the Plate said...

If you were a Marlins player, you'd need motivation from somewhere, because it's not coming from the 1300 fans at every game.

Stealing Home said...

Never heard of him.