13 October 2013

now appearing only on cardboard

i think the dodgers miss matt kemp.  no, i know they do.  they certainly missed hanley ramirez yesterday, too.  meanwhile, ethier is trying to tough it out, but he's not one hundred percent.  and skip schumaker, god bless him, is not matt kemp.  

these days, the only way to see kemp is on cardboard.  i participated in the 2013 topps chrome group break at 'o no another orioles blog' and came away with a matt kemp xfractor
along with dodger base cards of carl crawford
the aforementioned ethier
matt magill
paco rodriguez
adrian gonzalez
and clayton kershaw
i also wound up with one of the two autos from the break, although it came to me courtesy of my randomized team, the arizona diamondbacks
ryan wasn't the only one opening up some chrome - topher at crackin' wax bought some and added the bounty to his 'take my cards' page.  in addition to another adrian gonzalez, i picked up a kershaw xfractor
i also grabbed a 2013 panini prizm matt magill card
which will go nicely with my carl crawford card that i pulled from a recent pack purchase
speaking of pack purchases, i also picked up some chrome value packs.  i didn't wind up with much of note, but did pull some double plays - ian desmond
and jason kipnis - in base
and orange refractor
thanks for the break ryan and the cards topher!

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