31 October 2013

by green lantern's light

hey! it's halloween and the first official day of the postseason!  one of those things means that kids will be ringing my doorbell looking for candy.  the other means that pretty soon, a bunch of men will be ringing ned colletti's doorbell looking for a taste of the dodger money stream.

i don't think there will be too many kids dressed as green lantern this year (plenty of iron men though), but raul mondesi's 1996 score insert here made me think of hal jordan perhaps facing off against sinestro while mondy tried to figure out what base to throw to.
it also reminds me that at around 9:30 tonight, there will be some high school aged kids using their baseball uniforms as costumes. nice try.  hope you like raisins.


Spiegel83 said...

Come on, give those high school kids a beer at least.

Play at the Plate said...

Raisins...that's funny.