23 October 2013

a disparity of fall classics

i almost forgot.  the world series starts today.  i could not care less about who wins the series this year - it's an embarrassment of riches for either team.  i definitely was pulling for the red sox in 2004, and even a bit in 2007, but not now.  nor can i cheer on the cardinals in good conscience.  still, both teams are deserving of their pennants and i congratulate them.

i am left to show a couple of world series themed dodger cards.  the first, from 1995 upper deck sp championship series, features mike piazza on a 'fall classic' insert
number of world series in which mike piazza appeared as a dodger?  zero.  that is a shame.  his dodger teams couldn't even win a single postseason game as they were swept in both the 1995 and 1996 nlds.

contrast that with pee wee reese, who appears on a 2003 fleer fall classic card
pee wee's dodgers advanced to the postseason seven times.  of course, they only won one world series, but still.  pee wee has appeared in the most postseasons of any dodger in franchise history.  kershaw, kemp, and ethier are the active leaders with three appearances apiece.  here's hoping they tie pee wee in 2017.

when do pitchers and catchers report?

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