05 October 2013

bo goes lurking for catchers

more cards from my most recent trade with bo of baseball cards come to life fame.  he offered up some dodger and non-dodger cards that featured lurking catchers.  like this 1990 upper deck jay howell card with mike scioscia by his side
the back of the howell card features a nice shot of the dodger stadium field level scoreboard in the background
scioscia makes another guest appearance on robby thompson's 1991 donruss card
as well as on tom candiotti's 1993 upper deck card
and the back of todd hundley's 1991 upper deck card
i will address the black armband on the umpire's sleeve in a different post.

we've seen this card before, but scioscia is also breaking up two on tom foley's 1989 upper deck card
the back of which earns it a spot in a third collection of mine, cards that feature dodger stadium
not to be ignored, dodger catcher mike piazza makes a cameo on todd worrell's 1995 donruss card
and it looks like carlos hernandez is doing the same on ray lankford's 1996 leaf card
thanks again bo!  more cards to come...

1 comment:

Bo said...

I'm glad you like these! I hadn't even noticed the armband on the ump's sleeve. Is it for Lee Weyer?