23 September 2010

filling in the blanks with the gcrl cards that should have been

sadly, these are the last of my 'cards that should have been' for a while unless i get some good news about data retrieval...

i had a lot of fun documenting the evolution of the dodger infield using their respective topps cards.  i did pause when doing the 1982 post to wonder why there wasn't a highlight card dedicated to their longevity.  their reign together was quite a topic in southern california at least, and one would think that it might rate at least as high as ron davis striking out 8 straight in relief which was featured on a highlight card.  east coast bias, i guess.  anyway, here is the (front and back) of the 1982 topps 1981 highlight card that should have been:
and, just to complete things, here is the 1984 topps traded davey lopes card that should have been
along with the version of his 1985 topps card that should have been:
instead of the 'now with a's' text.  the cool thing about this card is that it works with the back that topps actually created for his 1985 card:
here's to you, gcrl cards that should have been!


steelehere said...

Very good job as always.

Captain Canuck said...


Johngy said...

I am always up for a good card creation and that Dodgers one is awesome.

gcrl said...

thanks guys.

Anonymous said...

Love the '81 Highlight card idea. That would've been a killer card too... 4 stars of a World Series champion, finishing their years together as the longest tenured infield.

As much as I love the '82 set, I question why some cards were made (Rickey Keeton?? Bob Sykes??) and why some weren't made.