29 June 2012

what's mine is mine

you may recall that i recently received the wrong steve garvey card in the mail.  that's all been taken care of, thanks to mrmopar and the ebay seller, and now i have my 2007 upper deck sweet spot steve garvey gold stich autograph card
complete with the bleeding pen.  at least dodger stadium is featured prominently.  i have another version of this card with a better auto.  i think it might be without the '6' though.

yes, it turned out that my one-time ebay nemesis had won the other card.  these days, i am no longer as active in the garvey ebay market, at least for the more 'rare' items, and mrmopar has become a valued 'lookout' at times.  he tipped me off to a 1978 topps glenn burke auto that i needed for my modest 1978 topps dodger autograph project (i now have two '78 topps cards signed by burke) and has sent me some cards from my want list, too.

still, i was surprised when i received the sweet spot auto and enclosed along with it were a few other cards.  such as this 1998 pinnacle paul konerko card that was on my nefarious 9!
he also included an almost complete set of the 1982 dodgers police sga set.  what i like most about that set (other than making sure to have my dad buy tickets to the game so i would be assured of getting a set) is that it included cards commemorating the 1981 postseason, like this one showing the jubilant dodgers after beating the astros in the nlds.
here's the garvey card from that set
a fitting way to end the post.

thanks curt!  sorry i didn't include any cards with your tribute card!

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MrMopar said...


No need to feel bad about it. You alerted the seller to the fact that you got the wrong card and you certainly would have made out just fine had you said nothing. I may have never noticed and gone on none the wiser. That sounds pretty bad to say you wouldn't miss a card like that, but it is a testament to me needing o stop buying so many damn cards!

I enjoy helping others out too. I'd have sent the entire set, but the Forster was missing when I got it and it was a duplicate set, so I figured you'd enjoy it...plus, if you did have it, maybe it could be trade material for something you need.

If you need other common Dodgers, let me know. I just got done sorting all of mine by player and year. It took a while, but now I am finally organized in that regard. Nearly 50,000 Dodgers worth!