30 April 2014

is this a brett wallach rookie card?

i am assuming that tim wallach is carrying his own kid around on his shoulders on his 1994 upper deck sp card
which also comes in a die cut state
if so, it could be brett wallach, who the dodgers drafted in the 3rd round of the 2009 draft.  here's his 2009 bowman draft picks & prospects card in its gold parallel variety
the younger wallach was born in december of 1988, so if the photo on the elder wallach's card is from spring training 1993, brett would have been four years old.  it wouldn't be the first time that a kid appeared on his dad's baseball card and then went on to have one of his own - the 1982 fleer set had a card with pete rose and pete rose jr, and young pete got a card of his own in the 1998 topps set.

unfortunately, it looks like brett wallach is out of baseball now.  he was traded to the cubs in 2010 and last pitched in their organization in 2012.


Once a Cub said...

Shawon Dunston Jr appeared on one of his dad's cards (which one exact;y escapes me at the moment) and has some of his own now too.

Orioles Magic said...

That's really cool. Great idea for a post!

Mark Hoyle said...

Cool post