26 April 2014

turning two with the viz

dodger double dipper jose vizcaino turned a double play or two in his time.  i've recently picked up a few prime examples for my collction,

this is his 1999 topps stadium club card
it comes from his second stint as a dodger, and features a cub player sliding in while showing off the harry caray memorial patch

many of vizcaino's double play cards come from his time with the north siders.  here's a 1992 leaf card
which may well be the same play shown on his 1992 topps stadium club card
on the road at candlestick.

back at wrigley, here's his 1993 donruss card
1993 fleer flair card
1993 donruss triple play
1994 fleer
and 1994 pinnacle
with a play from tatooine.

here's vizcaino's 1994 upper deck card
on which he is digging out from underneath a lemke/blauser/treadway type

on to new york, here's jose trying to break up two again on his 1995 score card
and then exacting revenge on the braves on his 1994 score rookies & traded card
finally, a stop in san francisco, where el viz turns two under the watchful eye of jeff kent on his 1998 pacific crown collection card
until next time, this has been turning two with the viz!

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