19 April 2014

locally sourced double plays (mostly)

the double play cards just keep on coming…by trade or by card show purchase or by online purchase or even by way of my pre-existing collection.  every once in a while, i will stumble on to a dp turn that was/is part of a forgotten player collection, or my dodger collection, like this 2001 pacific mark grudzielanek card.
these next cards are mostly ones that i found in my collection and extricated from the monster boxes to place into the double play binders.  there are a couple that i went and purchased, however.

1989 score mike gallego
i appreciate that score cropped the photo so that the ball would still be visible, but at first glance the ball gets lost in the shirtsleeves of the crowd.

1989 upper deck jeff blauser (back)
the ball is much more obvious there on blauser's card

1989 upper deck steve buechele (back)
with both buechele and the angels' chico walker looking to first base for the call.  assuming this is the play from the 8th inning of the june 16, 1988 game, buechele was successful in breaking up the double play.

1989 classic juan samuel
leapfrog gone awry

1990 upper deck scott fletcher
1992 leaf andujar cedeno
1994 fleer royce clayton
1994 fleer rene gonzales
pretty standard double play fare on those four cards

the last two cards in this post come from 1997 topps gallery, and they both feature craig biggio.  here's biggio's card
on which he is turning two at wrigley, and here is ryne sandberg's card from the set
on which he, too, is turning two at wrigley.  at biggio's expense.

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