02 April 2014

my 1958 topps sampler

the 1958 topps set had a few subsets to consider - team cards, combo cards, all-star cards, plus a variety of colored backgrounds.  there are yellow, red, green, blue, orange, black, and pink.  here's what i have - at least one card from each team, each color background, and each subset.
there aren't too many black bordered cards to choose from in the set, as i recall.  here are the backs of the first sheet of my sampler.
the most recent addition to the set was the eddie mathews all-star card.  i had the nellie fox to fill the need for the sampler, but when i saw the mathews, i figured i would add a national league version with the blue background.  i have since sent the nellie fox to jeff at 2x3 heroes.

who knows what will happen to the rest once i pull the dodger team set.


Fuji said...

Very nice. I'm super jealous. It's crazy how Mossi stands out on a 9 pocket page.

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Mark Hoyle said...

Nice collection