10 April 2014

through the mail thursday - lance rautzhan and lenny harris successes, plus a couple of tangents!

former dodger reliever lance rautzhan signed a copy of the custom card i made as part of my 1978 topps update/burger king dodgers set
if only there had been the real thing…which reminds me.  i made a couple of newer keving pasley cards that should have been after seeing some photos from the topps vault
too bad i don't have an address to send them to for pasley to sign.  but i digress.

lenny harris signed his 1992 topps card for me as well
both of the signed cards above have been sitting in my scanned folder for quite a while.  as has this 1990 score robin ventura autographed card
i don't think ventura signs through the mail, unfortunately.  this card was obtained in person back in the early 1990's.

thanks for signing my cards!


MrMopar said...

Pasley appears to be fairly tough. i looked him up a few months back and seems he was incarcerated in Arizona. He may still be for all i know, but you just can't find signed cards for him. if you somehow find him and find him to be a gracious signer, please let me know. i need that 77T signed someday!!

MoDiggity said...

I'm Kevin Pasley's daughter, just happened to stumble upon your blog post. I know he'd be happy to sign your cards. Shoot me an email and I can get you his address info.