15 April 2014

the nl east for jackie

let's see the national league east teams wear the jackie robinson anniversary patch, shall we?

braves - 1998 fleer sports illustrated world series fever javy lopez
marlins - 1998 fleer sports illustrated gary sheffield
this card gives us a good look at the marlins' version of the patch.  it was modified to match the team colors.

mets - 1998 upper deck todd hundley
as a bonus, we get a little piece of the patch on luis gonzalez's jersey, too.

expos - 1998 upper deck jim bullinger
i really wanted to find a card in my collection showing the expos in their home pinstripes with the patch, but i could not find one.  the reason being that they modified the patch to translate 'breaking barriers' into french for the jerseys they wore in quebec.  here's what that patch looks like.
the marlins, expos, and dodgers were the only teams to modify the patch.

phillies - 1998 upper deck scott rolen
this card is appropriate as it notes rolen was the recipient of the jackie robinson award aka the rookie of the year award.

american league east examples up next...

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