19 April 2014

double play turns from fuji

i received a quick four card delivery from fuji recently featuring four double play turns and a dodger lurker.

i believe that this 1993 upper deck wil cordero card
shows a botched double play turn on tatooine.  i will assume that cordero lost control of the ball as he attempted to make the transfer from his glove and avoid the sliding cub at the same time.  plus fight off sand people.

1995 upper deck sp benji gil
spring training double play!  i like the red foil here - the only other cards i have from this set (i think) are dodgers, so i had not seen red foil before.

1998 upper deck sp jay bell
purple jerseys.  blech.

2003 fleer focus jersey edition jimmy rollins
with paul loduca sliding in!

thanks fuji!  i'll be sending some stuff your way shortly...

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