15 April 2014

the al east for jackie

here are cards featuring the jackie robinson anniversary patch from the last of the six divisions.  we'll start off with a fantastic example, and a fantastic card even without the patch.

orioles - 1998 score cal ripken jr
perfection on cardboard.

yankees - 1998 topps stadium club paul o'neill
this is another very nice card.  we don't see the patch on o'neill, but derek jeter and the other yankee (i believe it is scott pose) give us two looks at it as they greet o'neill at home.

tigers - 1998 topps deivi cruz
blue jays - 1998 upper deck shawn green
red sox - 1998 score nomar garciaparra
so, today you have seen an example of each team wearing the jackie robinson anniversary patch.  i've got one more post, however.

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