05 April 2014

too few lefebvres

dennis at too many verlanders offered to add some cards for me to his order from comc a while back as part of a trade.  i jumped at the chance to add a couple of oddballs featuring a couple of players who are near and dear to me.

i asked dennis to purchase this 1969 transogram jim lefebvre card
it's not really a card; it's a cutout from the box of a figurine that was produced in 1969.  think crude starting lineup figures and you'll get the picture.  in 1970, transogram produced three-packs of figures that had these same type of 'cards' as a three player panel, but this lefebvre is from his 1969 solo figure box.  i wish there were more lefebvre as a dodger cards.  besides being a dodger second baseman, lefebvre was my dad's favorite position player, and i still have his jim lefebvre style rawlings mitt.

the second oddball was a 1978 twins frisz card of jimmie hall
this guy held the american league rookie home run record for 20+ years until mark mcgwire came along.  the card is the size of old (and 1989) bowman, which was a surprise.  still, a good addition to my jimmie hall pc.

the third card that i specifically requested was this 2009 upper deck o-pee-chee preview card of chase utley
i wanted it for the double play collection.  dennis threw in some other dp cards, including a 1999 upper deck black diamond craig biggio
and an alex rodriguez card from the same set.
thanks for the trade dennis!


Josh D. said...

Jim's son, Ryan, does the play-by-play for the Royals broadcasts, and is actually really, really good. I enjoy his style and he makes the games really fun.

Mark Hoyle said...

The transogram cards are tough to find... Nice deal

gcrl said...

thanks for the comments. josh - ryan lefebvre used to do twins games before he headed to kc in the late 90's - i think i enjoyed his last one or two seasons here. a couple of years ago when john gordon retired, the twins wanted to bring ryan back but couldn't afford him, according to my well placed source.