12 April 2014

to the card show i went

i took a couple of hours a few weekends back to attend a card show.  this wasn't the regular monthly twin cities show - it was a semi-annual or quarterly event at a different location.  it is more sparsely attended from what i have seen, but it was where i found my 1955 topps sandy koufax card so it's been worth my time in the past. i wound up spending only a few dollars, and i will show all but one or two cards that i bought in this and one other post.

you can't go wrong with double plays from the discount box.  these 2011 topps update roberto alomar sp diamond
and cognac parallels
were in the 5 for a dollar bin.  as was this cognac carlton fisk sp from the same set.
i spent less than a dime for this 1995 score ricky gutierrez gold rush parallel double play turn
and the same for a 2007 bowman gold parallel of carlos guillen
here's another double play parallel - a 2011 bowman chrome dan uggla blue parallel
from the 5 for a dollar box, as were the rest of the cards below.  i'll run through them quickly.

2011 bowman vladimir guerrero international parallel
2009 topps attax manny ramirez
2014 donruss hanley ramirez press proof numbered parallel
this was the first 2014 donruss card i had seen in person, and the only dodger i pulled from the box.  i actually don't recall seeing any other dodgers, now that i think about it.  i was still in need of a few cards to get to an even 10 for $2, so i pulled a 2014 donruss derek jeter card
plus a 2014 donruss pablo sandoval elite dominator numbered insert
and a 2013 topps chrome matt harvey
for some reason.

i did pick up more dodgers than just the two ramirii above - i'll show those later today.


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Nick said...

That Fisk is sweet.

Mark Hoyle said...

I'll have to look for one of those Fisk cognac cards.