12 April 2014

from the card show i came

here is pretty much the rest of what i picked up at a card show a few weeks back.  i had gone hoping to maybe find some 2014 topps heritage, but the cupboards were still bare as far as that went.  i did pick up a 2014 topps yasiel puig red foil parallel
and a 2014 topps don sutton relic
from the same dealer.  these were the two most expensive cards i bought all day.  i think they were $4 apiece.  i have a soft spot for don sutton relic cards.  especially ones that feature photos without the perm.

here's a 1977-87 renatta-gallaso roy campanella card
he doesn't look too excited to have won his third mvp award

here's a much easier card to find (although it had somehow eluded me) of another dodger mvp - 1989 fleer league leaders kirk gibson
and a card of former dodger coach babe ruth from the 1992 megacards babe ruth set
yes, the bambino wanted to be a manager, but he was just a batting practice sideshow as far as the dodgers were concerned.  still, i was happy to find another card of the babe in dodger duds.

paul konerko didn't spend much time with the dodgers before tommy lasorda traded him away, but he sure does have a lot of cards.  this is a 1998 pacific aurora card of the soon-to-be retired white sox slugger.
konerko was expendable because the dodgers had eric karros at first base.  here's a 2000 topps chrome card of karros that, like the previous four cards, was in a 12 for a dollar box.
i found another card of karros in that box - this 1997 topps stadium club dodgers card
that also happened to have his autograph on it.  i did a little research when i got home, and a bunch of these cards were apparently signed by karros and certified by treat entertainment. this copy bears no hologram or other sort of certification, but i'll still take it for eight cents.  actually, it was less than that - i asked the guy if 13 cards for a buck was ok, and he agreed.

not a bad lot of cards for not a lot of cash.

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Nick said...

Nice find on the Karros autograph!