09 April 2014

to wit, a complete dodger team set

yesterday i wrote about my lack of confidence in completing the 1952 topps dodger set which includes a roy campanella high numbered card.  today, i write about a dodger team set that i have been able to complete, and it also includes campy!
1990 baseball wit is a strange set.  it is somehow affiliated with the little league organization, and it also serves as a trivia game apparently.  here's the back of campy's card, with a conveniently placed first question
the photo on campy's card is by jon soohoo, who is still the team's photographer, and who also runs the dodgers' photo blog.  lots of good stuff there.

here's the hero of yesterday's post, jackie robinson
who is also the answer to the first question on the back of his card
april 15 is less than a week away.  i've got a number of posts in the works for the 67th anniversary of jackie's debut.

here's the guy who signed jackie, branch rickey
rickey also invented the farm system according to the back of his card
i haven't posted nearly enough zack wheat cards.  luckily, he has one in this set.
the back of his card doesn't follow suit, however.  it's a different dodger who is the answer to the first question.
unfortunately, the garv is no longer the correct answer to that question as todd helton has a better career fielding percentage - .9962 to .9959.  also, i am not sure about wheat being the answer to the second question.  according to baseball reference, there are a few left fielders who had played more games there than wheat at the time this set was produced.

orel hershiser time!
nice dodger stadium photo, also by jon soohoo.  orel's card is the first one in the set, so his card back is full of information rather than questions
the number 1 on the front of his card doesn't mean anything as far as the set numbering goes.  in fact, i don't know what the numbers on the fronts of the cards mean.

the other dodger in this set is manny mota.  i picked up his card in a big oddball lot purchase a while back. the only other baseball wit card in my collection features the aforementioned steve garvey.  too bad he's a padre
he doesn't get top billing on the back of his card either
at least the back acknowledges his status among dodger fans - this one for sure.

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