01 May 2014

abreu's back?

i saw the other day that the mets brought bobby abreu back to the big leagues for the first time since he played for the dodgers in 2012.  good for him.

back in 1997, abreu was on the astros and also on the back of a 1997 donruss limited 'counterparts' card
which featured todd hollandsworth of the dodgers on the front.
which included an obscure gdp stat reference.

abreu has had a pretty good career - longer than holly's by a few years now - but he doesn't have a ring like hollandsworth does (as a member of the 2003 marlins).  and he's not going to get it with the 2014 mets.  still, welcome back to the bigs bobby abreu.


JediJeff said...

Gross Domestic Product?

gcrl said...

hi jeff. are you referring to the stat or the 1997 donruss limited cards themselves? i crack myself up.

Fuji said...

Love them Limited Exposure parallels. Talk about some shine. Beautiful card.