26 April 2014

puig x pwe

2x3=6, which is the number of cards that jeff at 2x3 heroes stuffed into a pwe and sent my way recently.  i am going to break protocol here at garvey cey russell lopes, and not show the steve garvey card from the envelope first.  that's because yasiel puig's 2014 donruss elite dominator insert was included
and that kind of crazy card design deserves top billing.  besides, the garvey card was from 2002 topps archives which used his 1977 topps card
which is not necessarily one of my favorites.

there was one other dodger in the envelope - manny ramirez makes an appearance on a 2010 topps attax card
but the other three cards featured dodgers, sort of.  here's future dodger juan uribe who played for the white sox on tatooine as seen on his 2009 topps
and 2009 upper deck cards,
(that's probably very very likely a double play turn now that i look at it more closely)

and a former dodger henry blanco, who also played on tatooine as demonstrated by his 2011 topps walmart blue parallel card
blanco recently retired, but was able to carve out a nice 16-year career that started with a pinch hit single as a dodger back in 1997.  curiously enough, blanco never caught in any of the three games he appeared in as a dodger - he subbed in at third base after singling in his major league debut, pinch hit without playing in the field in his next appearance, and then subbed at first base in his third and final appearance in '97.  he signed with colorado after spending all of 1998 in the minors, and the rest is an 11-team big league journey.

thanks jeff!  i'll see if i can fit 6 cards in a pwe shortly.


Josh D. said...

I wonder if you have seen this yet:

Patricia Carter said...

Watching your superhero performing outstanding in front of your eyes is the best everything ever. The thrill, enthusiasm and applause of crowd make you feel like you are in heaven.