16 April 2014

nothing rhymes with purple

no, nothing rhymes with purple, but jose hernandez is pretty happy that i found a 2014 topps heritage blaster that came with a purple refractor parallel in each pack.
i know a few of you have also found one of these, but this is the first time i have been so fortunate.  this was the second (and final) blaster i purchased of heritage this year, and as bad as the first one was, i think i deserved all of this purple.

one pack included two of the parallels - this david ortiz card
and the fat panda, pablo sandoval
will the dodgers trade in one large third baseman for another when this season is done?  stay tuned.

more purple - nelson cruz
cliff lee
patrick corbin
carlos beltran
edwin encarnacion
and jose bautista
the blaster also yielded a joey bats jersey card
don't worry - there were some normal cards in the blaster, too.  like this lance berkman final tribute
yes, these are berkman's complete career stats on the back.
i was a fan of berkman's in the early 2000's - who wouldn't have been - but i was secretly glad that he saved some of his poorest regular season play for his short stint with the yankees.

i was a juan marichal magnet, although both cards i pulled feature him as a giant, and not as a dodger.  here's a baseball flashback
and a then and now insert, featuring max scherzer
more giants - a high numbered hunter pence
and another high number, derek jeter
there was a third high number in the blaster - wil myers
who was also the subject of the blaster's target red parallel
as for dodgers, there were only three - aj ellis
dan haren
and matt kemp
so i had to grab this sandy koufax/clayton kershaw then and now insert from another source
speaking of other sources, the non-dodger cards in this post are available - preferably for some dodger blue purple, if you know what i mean.


Fuji said...

Is every Heritage blaster from Target a purple refractor hot box? I've seen three or four of these already. Maybe I'll roll the dice and grab another one.

Play at the Plate said...

I've got something shiny and Dodgery for that Cruz if you're interested.

Mark Hoyle said...

I can dig up a few Dodgers for the Ortiz

gcrl said...

@fuji - i had really bad luck with the first blaster i bought. i'll stay at 1 of 2 being a purple ref hot box

@patp - sounds good to me

@mark - i'll set big papi aside for you