22 April 2014

oh my o-pee-chee complete set!

about five years later, i picked up the last few cards i needed to complete the 2009 upper deck o-pee-chee set.  if i recall correctly, this set was supposed to look like the 1977 topps set (just as upper deck had used the 1971 and 1965 and something pretty close to the 1963 topps sets in their 'vintage' releases).  however, upper deck got sued by topps and had to change the design.

although i stopped collecting o-pee-chee sets in the 1980's, you know as a fan of the brand and proprietor of the oh my o-pee-chee blog that i was onboard for this set.  now it is complete.  here are the final half dozen cards that i needed for my set.

jacoby ellsbury
derek jeter
jhonny peralta
i decided early on that i wasn't going to let upper deck's hijinks make me spend more money to complete the set, so my set features a number of black bordered cards for which i did not have the regular base after opening two boxes of product.  the peralta eluded me until i found a black bordered parallel online.

omar vizquel
david wright
and mike pelfrey
the pelfrey was actually a bonus non-dodger card on my nefarious 9 list for awhile, but no one came forward with the card.

i realize that i need to update that list again.

here are a couple of other cards that i came by and picked up - one is a double, but it will go in my lurker collection.  it's wilson betemit's card
with dodger juan pierre making an apperance.

lastly, i found this colorful relic card of joe nathan, joe mauer, and michael cuddyer for cheap
not as nice as my dodger relic from the set, but still good to have.  just like a complete set.

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Nick said...

I still think OPC is perhaps the most underrated set of the last five years or so.