23 April 2014

this card is on fire

i received a nice package of cards from marcus at all the way to the backstop recently.  adrian gonzalez was pretty excited about it - check out his 2014 topps opening day fired up insert
marcus told me he was sending a couple of yasiel puig cards, so i was pretty fired up, too.  here's a target red parallel of puig's 2013 topps update rookie debut card
and here's puig on his 2013 pinnacle card
i understand the erasing of the logos and team names, but does pinnacle really need to re-color the uniform numbers from red to blue?  they are not now, and never have been, blue.

you can see the red number on juan samuel's 1991 us playing card company all-stars card
sammy did indeed represent the dodgers in the 1991 all-star game.  he was 1 for 1 in the game, but the national league lost 4-2.

i was also able to pick up a few dodger needs from 2014 topps heritage thanks to marcus.  i've had fairly bad luck pulling dodgers in the two blasters i bought, so these are appreciated.  here's one of the league leader cards that clayton kershaw appears on
plus cards of don mattingly
and brian wilson
my favorite of the bunch, though, is the maury wills/jacoby ellsbury then & now insert
i had this one queued up in a future sportlots purchase, so the timing of this trade package couldn't have been better.

now if only i could find one of wills' autographed cards from the heritage set…

thanks marcus for the trade!


Play at the Plate said...

Very nice. I'm working on a package for you.

Fuji said...

Damn it! You've got Alicia stuck in my head now. Nice cards though.