01 April 2014

ultra shenanigans

greg gagne welcomes you to this post with his 1997 fleer ultra card.
but wait, i thought that this was his 1997 fleer ultra card
shows what i know.  or used to know.  i was not aware that the ultra gold medallion parallels in 1997 featured different photography until a couple of years ago.  i had previously largely dismissed the gold parallels, but this means that i missed out on this todd zeile card 
because i only had this one
so, i went out and picked up a few other gold medallion cards of dodgers from 1997 fleer ultra.  ismael valdes
and mike piazza
and hideo nomo
and raul mondesi
and ramon martinez
and todd hollandsworth
and wilton guerrero
and karim garcia
plus an insert or two, like this nomo/piazza double trouble card
i do not believe that this gme variation extends itself to other ultra releases.

unfortunately, i only have the base versions from 1998 fleer ultra of dennis reyes
and todd hollandsworth
in my scanned folder

i also had a 1995 fleer ultra garey ingram
plus gme cards of billy ashley
darren dreifort
and todd worrell
but those don't prove anything.

just for fun, and to clear out space in the scanned folder, here are a couple of mondesi insert from 1995 fleer ultra
he's got raw power!
well, at least i know that 2005 fleer ultra didn't have different photos for their gold medallion editions - here's hideo nomo's base card
and his gme
i need to go check my binders...

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