18 April 2014

an overdue greg maddux hall of fame post - with final tributes!

greg maddux was only 8-7 as a dodger in two partial-season stints and he won't be wearing a dodger cap on his hall of fame plaque, but his final tribute cards are all dodger goodness.

here's his 2009 topps heritage card
with his final season and career stats on the back
maddux was 2-4 with a no decision for the dodgers in 2008.  he rejoined the blue in august, so the sept. 14 and sept. 27 highlights mentioned above came as a dodger.  the 9/14 game was the no decision game, as the dodgers eventually lost 1-0.  the 9/27 game was the final game of maddux's career, so at least he went out a winner in the regular season.  maddux also pitched four scoreless innings for the dodgers in the 2008 postseason, which were his final big league appearances.

here's his 2009 upper deck card
with a few seasons' worth of stats on the back
it is true that maddux beat the pads on 9/1/08, but they turned the tables on him a week later.

here's his 2009 upper deck first edition card
which is pretty much the same as his regular upper deck card
here's his 2009 topps card
which is somewhat spoiled by the airbrushing.  however, it has his full career stats on the back, like a true final tribute should
it is worth noting that maddux's final win put him ahead of roger clemens on the all-time victories list, so he did achieve a major milestone with the dodgers.  he also collected his final career base hit in dodger blue, driving in what proved to be the winning run in that 9/1 game against the padres.

maddux will be joined in cooperstown by former teammate tom glavine, seen here on a 1995 upper deck collector's choice se card
featuring a dodger stadium backdrop, and by frank thomas, whose 1998 pacific crown collection didn't quite make the cut for my jackie robinson day anniversary patch posts
speaking of those posts, i mentioned that the white sox wore a nellie fox patch on the road instead of the jackie patch.  thomas' 1998 upper deck card gives us a good look at that patch
i probably should have looked for some glavine and thomas final tributes for this post, but i did not.  maybe some other time...

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Fuji said...

Glad to see these three are getting enshrined together. But it's so weird seeing Maddux pictured on Dodgers or Padres cards. Kinda like seeing The Big Hurt in an A's or Blue Jays jersey and to some extent Glavine in a Mets jersey.