07 April 2014

2014 topps gypsy queen is on the shelves!

at least at one of my local targets.  i picked up a blaster and a 3-pack earlier today.  here are some of the cards that i found inside.

dodgers - duke snider
the duke card is even grainier than the others in the set.

yasiel puig
and dan haren
topps gave haren manny mota's number.  the dodgers should retire 11 in mota's honor in my opinion, but they already gave it to one of their recent international signees, erisbel arruebarrena, at least for the media events following the signing.

there are plenty of retired guys like the duke in the set this year.  for example, jim bunning
steve carlton
larry doby
rickey henderson
pedro martinez
greg maddux
who is wearing a memorial patch for eddie mathews, so cue the eddie mathews card
and here's another brave - phil niekro
here are some active folks, some in new uniforms, like prince fielder
buster posey is still a giant, though
and, for some reason, here's christian yelich
and, there are plenty of inserts, like these n174 type cards - wade boggs
 bryce harper
and rickey henderson
here are a couple of debut all-stars inserts - miguel cabrera
 and evan longoria
plus a couple of glove stories - mike trout
and carlos gomez
dealing aces are back - here's cc sabathia as proof
you know there are minis, too - josh hamilton
marco estrada
 willie mays
pablo sandoval
a black bordered (/199) alfonso soriano
and, the hit of the blaster i guess, a sepia bordered chase headley (/99)
i have no idea if i pulled any short prints or variations because there is no checklist information available anywhere that i could find.

here are two of the three framed white border parallels that i got in the rack pack (jose reyes was the other) - prince fielder
and robinson cano
i like this year's design better than the previous issues - it seems simpler.  but, i'm not collecting the set or anything like that.

what do you guys think?


Stubby said...

I've always thought you could either love A&G or Gypsy Queen, but you can't love them both. They're the same thing, basically. If I had to choose, I'd be an A&G guy. I rarely buy more than a pack or two of GQ. Just does nothin' for me.

night owl said...

Every year the same: why they making this thing? I don't even know if I can get myself to buy a pack this year.

Nick said...

I want to like Gypsy Queen, but...ick. These are probably my least favorite GQs in the brand's history. I'll probably just wait a month or two and pick out the ones I need from the dime boxes.

P-town Tom said...

I think they did a really nice job with the frames on this year's set, but may that's just me.

How does CC still get a "Dealing Aces" card? He topped the AL last year in earned runs given up and had an ERA just south of 5.

I remember that Carlos Gomez catch. I can picture Joey Votto losing it just like it was yesterday.


I guess I'm the "Oddball Old Man" !!
'cause I like these !

Ryan H said...

Baseball Dad, you aren't the only one that likes these. I tend to like GQ every year because it's one of Topps' original-ish releases. I also enjoy A&G so Stubby it is possible. To P-Town Tom, If Chris Tillman isn't in the Dealing Aces insert set and Capt. Cheeseburger Sabathia is, it's a clear sign of Topps' bias for the Yankees. As if we needed any more proof!

Fuji said...

I usually love Gypsy Queen, but I'm not sure how I feel about the yellow borders. They almost seem like they're glowing. I really like the inserts though. Like Nick... I'll probably just wait until the TriStar show in a few weeks and grab singles from the Dime Boxes.

hiflew said...

I still can't tell the difference between 2012 and 2013 GQ unless I look at the back. This one looks too much like them as well. I think I would have liked GQ this year if those N174 inserts had been the base set. I think it is time to retire this brand.

Stealing Home said...

Good mix of love it or hate it for the set. I'm a GQ fan, so I like these.
That Duke Snider is awesome.
I'll take extra grainy for the old-timers!

Unknown said...

I love AG and GQ. I only collect certain players and dodgers. Does anybody know if all mini cards have a leather parallel?