19 March 2013

who was that masked man?

i've been able to cobble together a pretty good stack of dodgers from 2013 topps heritage over the last couple of weeks.  i picked up a couple of hanger packs the other day, and nine boys in blue fell out.  that's good karma. so, in addition to the ethier and the luis cruz i was able to find in my mallrat blaster, i now have the following:

josh beckett
what in the bejeebers is going on with beckett's eyes?  i am thinking that topps should have just let the shadows be instead of making beckett look like a bad supervillain.

here's clayton kershaw sitting atop the era leaderboard
nice of topps to get the leader cards right this year.

chad billingsley
looking to the left,

zack greinke
looking straight ahead (those might be the most mesmerizing dodger eyes since scott erickson), and kenley jansen
looking over his shoulder.

here's the josh wall and paco rodriguez rookie card
the dodgers had a few of these in the 1964 set, including wes parker's rookie card.  i got josh wall confused with ryan webb.  i knew there was a pitcher in the bigs who is the son of one of the members of my 1978 topps burger king dodgers/update set, but i couldn't remember who.  when i saw this card, i thought it was wall, since stan wall was a subject of my aforementioned set.  i also recalled reading an article about the father seeing the son pitch at dodger stadium last year.  turns out, i was thinking of webb, son of hank webb.  the younger webb did pitch in chavez ravine last year as a member of the marlins.

moving on, here's aj ellis
without any other dodger in the frame.  that's nice.

here's the other ellis on the roster
it's hard to believe that mark ellis has a roster spot while dee gordon
will probably open the season in aaa.  not that either one set the world on fire last year.

i also 'managed' (pun intended) to pull a card of one of the 1978 topps dodgers, as he is today
he looks cold and unsure of what time it is.

i'm still on the lookout for a few more dodger cards from this set, including all the inserts and most of the parallels so let me know if you come across any.  i'd be happy to trade for them.

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