21 March 2013

the first robin of spring

i'm told that it's spring now. it doesn't look like it up here. the temperature is in the single digits and there is at least a foot of snow still on the ground. i walked by target field yesterday afternoon and found it hard to believe that opening day will take place there in less than two weeks. anyway, i picked up this card a while back - when it was 'still' winter - and figured now was a good time to show it off.

it's a 2005 donruss diamond kings hall of fame heroes of brooklyn robins great, burleigh grimes.
grimes pitched for the dodgers - sorry, robins - from 1918 through 1926. he won 158 games wearing the brooklyn uniform, and led the league in victories in 1921 with 22. it's nice to see grimes, let alone the robins, get some modern day baseball card attention. the spitballer is enshrined in cooperstown as a brooklyn-ite, although it doesn't appear that his plaque mentions the robins.

i picked up a couple more cards from this insert set, both of which feature another dodger franchise hall of fame (obviously) hurler. it's don sutton, everybody!
so he's in angels' gear there even though he is enshrined in cooperstown as a dodger. that's ok, though - the back is all about some stuff that he did while wearing the angel uniform, including notching his 300th career win.
maybe his second card in the set will have him in dodger blue.
nope.  the back addresses his career start total, but it also mentions his 300th win again.
that's lame, and i don't get the sepia tone. it's not a parallel or a variation, it's another card in the same insert set. not sure if grimes there has a sepia too.

anyway, it's spring and there's the robin to prove it.

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