26 March 2013

1/1 for 25/25

as many of you may have seen over at the chronicles of fuji, mark and i recently made a deal in which he acquired my 1/1 bert campaneris autograph from 2004 upper deck legends timeless teams.  here's what i wound up with after converting cash into cardboard.
it's a 2012 panini national treasures ron cey auto/patch card numbered 25/25, complete with a 'penguin' reference on the back.
and yes, while batman never had to deal with ron cey, he did have to fend off some of the penguin's teammates.  jim lefebvre and wes parker are two dodgers whom i know appeared on the batman tv series.  i believe they were henchmen of the riddler.

anyway, what this cey lacks in numbers when compared to the campy, it makes up for it with dodger awesomeness.

thanks mark - glad the campy is somewhere where it can be better appreciated!  and, yes, i do plan to finish the timeless teams set blog sometime before 2014 rolls around.


The Dutch Card Guy said...

Nice one, grats !

Arno said...


Fuji said...

Don't you love it when both parties end up being happy? Awesome card! And thanks again for helping me out with the A's PC.