09 March 2013

double dutch

i recently posted some cards from a package sent by jeroen, the dutch card guy.  here are some more boys in blue sent by the orangeman.

2012 panini triple play matt kemp
this is the first time i have featured any of these on the blog.  i did buy a couple of packs of the stuff when it was released, just out of curiosity.  

this might be the last time james loney appears on the blog. this is his 2012 bowman card
the same set (i think?) that this joc pederson card came from
but different from this 2012 bowman chrome prospects jt wise card.
bowman is too confusing.

jeroen included some minis - like this 2012 topps mini andre ethier
and the double play turning dee gordon.
that's cool because now i have a dupe of the gordon for the double play binder.  same for this next card, a 2013 topps emerald parallel of gordon, once again, turning two.
the other cards in the package were 2013 minis of adrian gonzalez
and clayton kershaw
i know jeroen collects kershaw, so i appreciate him giving this one up.

thanks for the cards jeroen - good luck with your studies!

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