14 March 2013

hoo boy, jason schmidt is ticked

he sure is.  take a look.
and his 2007 topps heritage card isn't even a short print.  perhaps jason is angry that dayf (the guy who sent all of these cards you are about to see, including that schmidt card you've already seen) has to resort to frankensetting topps heritage thanks to short prints and other silly topps' shenanigans.  looks like jason didn't make the cut and got shipped to me instead.  that's ok - i'll give him a good home with his dodger teammates, since i haven't thought about completing a heritage set since 2001.  that will change next year, though.

dayf sent a bunch of nice cards.  i didn't get a sketch of a pony, but i did get some fine dodger goodness.  and dodgers trump ponies.

here's a 1989 topps sticker back of steve sax, back from when steve went to extremes to try to fix his erratic throwing by amputating his right arm at the elbow.
it didn't help.

another '89 card - this one of orel hershiser from fleer
i would mention that franklin stubbs is lurking behind the bulldog, but then i would have to add a 'lurkers' label as well as one for 'stubbs', but blogger only allows me 20 labels per post and i have ocd when it comes to labels.  i plan to max out my label allowance with cards and not waste two on stubbs or his lurker status.  sorry franklin.  but, i will point out (and label) dodger stadium there in the background.

here's another 1989 fleer card.  sort of.  it's saxy again, but it's different from the hershiser card.  it's glossy.
here are the backs, which make the glossy cards easier to identify
i'll skip the 90's and go straight to the aughts.  here's a 2004 donruss studio card of hideo nomo
on clear nights, you can get a pretty good view of downtown los angeles from the first base side of dodger stadium.  only if you're outside the stadium or sitting in the top row, that is.  quick - name the tall building coming out of nomo's noggin.  it's only the tallest building west of the mississippi.  i don't know too many people outside of la that know its name, which is kind of weird and kind of not at the same time.  anyway, that would be library tower, which i knew as first interstate bank world center back in the day.  it's now us bank tower, although it was sold to an indonesian group a few days ago.

next up is dioner navarro and his 2005 playoff prestige card
one would think that navarro went from being a yankee to a dodger, but in doing so they would forget that for a few hours in between he belonged to the diamondbacks.  the yankees sent him to arizona as part of the package in exchange for randy johnson, and later that day the dodgers acquired him in the shawn green deal.  they sent him to tampa bay a few years later for toby hall and mark hendrickson.  this year, navarro will try to catch on (pun intended) with the cubbies.

here's a card that doesn't quite make sense to me.  it's a 2013 topps chasing history insert of hanley ramirez
ramirez reached the 400 extra base hit milestone in 2012.  i had not been aware that this was a milestone that was actively tracked.  anyway, he now sits at 429 extra base hits for his career, which includes 23 as a dodger.  so yes, ramirez achieved the milestone with the marlins.  why not show him a a marlin?  or, if you want to show him in dodger blue, why not use 150 home runs as the milestone, since he did reach that total as a dodger.  this card is like issuing a jim thome home run retrospective and using a photo of him in dodger blue.  thome hit exactly zero home runs as a dodger.  it would be nonsensical.  but i expect topps to do it once thome announces his retirement from the game.

there was another 2013 topps card that i am going to display in the package.  it's an andre ethier chasing history relic card
it appears to be free of spelling errors.

i'll wrap up this thinly disguised trade post with the antithesis of jason schmidt's card up top. it's a 1972 topps bill singer card
and looking at it makes me smile.

thanks for the cards and everything else dayf.  even the ponies.

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For some time I've been wanting to make a post of guys looking pissed. There's lots of them, and they're kind of funny! Heck, there's even a Griffey.

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