11 March 2013

why yes, i did buy some 2013 topps recently

yes, i bought a value box at target a while back.  even though i had (several of) the dodgers complete set thanks to the crackin' wax case break, i was curious enough to lay down some cash for some cards that i really don't need.  not like that's the first time that happened.  here's some of what i got for those of you who are tired of reading about heritage and want to go back a month or so when you were tired of reading about the flagship.

here's a henry aaron gold holofoil retail chasing history insert.  
it's too bad the photo isn't landscape so that we might see a lurking joe ferguson behind the plate.

here's a regular old chasing history card of jim thome.
word on the street is that gardy wants thome back in minnesota.  i don't think terry ryan is on the same page, but who knows.

i was pleased to find these next two shiny buggers in the box - sandy koufax
and jackie robinson
now i just need kemp and ethier, i believe.

hey - can you tell where i shop?
happy to get a dodger instead of another giant.  seriously - most of the other red bordered cards i got were norcals.  gross.

here's a league leader card featuring clayton kershaw
you know what?  i am a believer that league leader cards should have headshots.  especially when the rest of the set has action photos.  weird?

here's an ian desmond card for the dp binder
and a didi gregorious card as well
if i ever start a collection of players with cool names, did gregorius would for sure be a part of it.  in fact, ddi gregorius and dooley womack would likely be the first two in the club.

here's a jason kipnis base card for the dp binder
i already had the walmart blue version, but it's nice to have the base, too.

speaking of base, when i first saw these next three cards - david dejesus
jon jay
and josh reddick
i thought they were part of the 'out of bounds' sp group.  they are not.  still cool cards though.  i really wish the dodgers would go back to putting murals on the outfield walls.  it would be nice to have some cards like we saw in the late 1990's and early 2000's with fernando's face or pee wee's number behind some outfielder making a play.

this rajai davis also struck me as a card that could have been an sp from a year or two ago when the celebration cards were so featured.
or am i thinking of the shaving cream parallels?  i can't keep it straight.

i also got excited when i pulled this jose reyes card from the box.
it's number 331 in the set and has him in his blue jays' gear.  i recalled the super short printing of his first marlins card from 2012 and thought maybe topps had done it again.  no, this is just a regular old base card.  one reason that i was hopeful, however, was that i had seen reyes' silk parallel card from the set.  as in i had seen it in my mailbox because it features a nice double play turn and so i picked one up on ebay.
it's only the second silk in my collection, and the first non-dodger.  i wish topps hadn't bothered with the blue jays thing and printed this card instead.

anyway, those are some of the 2013 topps cards that i pulled.  they're already passe.

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