23 March 2013

they came from spring training. and also from the twins' bullpen.

matt guerrier and pat neshek have a few things in common.  they are both right-handed major league relief pitchers for starters.  they also used to be teammates in the late 2000's, working out of the twins bullpen.  in fact, in 2007, neshek and guerrier were one-two in games pitched for the twins (neshek appeared in 74 games and guerrier pitched in 73 contests).  they are also both great signers who each returned some cards to me last week.

first up is guerrier, who signed and returned a 2012 topps update card from camelback ranch.
guerrier was one of those guys who often signed autographs before games at the metrodome.  i know my son has a few of his autographs in his team yearbooks as a result.  good to see him still signing away.  he was injured in april of last season but did return for september.  hopefully he can stay healthy all season this year.

as for neshek, he signed and returned one of his 2013 topps heritage cards from a's camp in arizona
he added one of his 2003 choice minor league cards
plus one of his 2007 new britain rock cats 25th anniversary set cards
because i also included a signed 1985 topps mike marshall card i had received through the mail a couple of years ago.  it was a dupe, and neshek is working on a signed '85 topps set.  as he does, anytime you send him any autographed card, he'll send one of his back.  i was surprised to get two bonus cards, though.

neshek has had a rough go of things since he was injured and missed the 2009 season.  he pitched really well down the stretch for the a's last year, but suffered a personal tragedy with the loss of his son. hopefully 2013 holds better things in store for him.

thanks matt and pat for signing my cards!

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