09 March 2013

one man's junk is another man's pick 6

i found a pwe in my mailbox yesterday from alabama.  jaybarkerfan's junk was behind the bomb, and it contained six dodger cards.  why six?  is there a code to be broken?  was there a secret message that only certain dodger fans can decipher?  was that the maximum number of cards that could be included before the postage increases?

who knows.  here are the cards.  first up, a 1984 fleer pat zachry.
nice dodger stadium shot with the people behind the fence.  zachry (obviously) wore number 38 as a dodger.  i'll keep that in mind.

1988 score rookie/traded alfredo griffin

look at those stirrups!  griffin wore number 7.  no pattern there yet.

here's a 2001 topps chrome traded ricardo rodriguez card
rodriguez never played for the dodgers as a major leaguer, but he wore 46 for the indians when he debuted in 2002
bills is wearing 71 here, but he's never worn any number other than 58 in the majors

delwyn young, on the other hand, wore a couple of different numbers during his run with the dodgers.  here's his 2008 topps card
young first wore 49 before switching to 3 in 2008.

and, although you can't see it on this 2009 upper deck icons card, russell martin wore 55
so, if you take 55+3 and subtract 58, then add 46 but subtract 7 and 38, you're left with 1! as in one nice pwe stack of cards. or, maybe these 6 numbers are some hot lotto grouping.  i think i'll find out.

thanks jaybarkerfan!

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Fuji said...

Not sure why... but that 84F Zachary card made me think of those old Sports Illustrated posters. Like I said... I have no idea why, since it doesn't look like a SI poster. Anyways... great looking card.