08 March 2013

mallrat blaster

i found myself in the southwest metro of the twin cities on wednesday, and popped into the target attached to the epc, better known as the eden prairie center, which is better known as the mall from the movie 'mallrats'.  i didn't bump into stan lee, but i did get some 2013 topps heritage cards.  a blaster was my only option, so that's what i bought.

the first card in the first pack i opened was a dodger.
that's good karma.  doesn't happen to me too often - especially since i rarely buy packs anymore.  the only other dodger i got was andre ethier
his card is a short print, so that was nice.  i found one other short print in the blaster - nelson cruz.  nellie is headed to patp with some friends in exchange for a johnny podres auto.

ethier makes a cameo appearance on shane victorino's card
that's andre's helmet behind victorino.  i'm glad i don't have to suffer anymore victorino dodger cards.  i can't say that i think ethan martin and josh lindblom and another player was worth it, ned.  

here's another former dodger photoshopped into new gear - russell martin.
it looks better than those pinstripes he was wearing the last couple of years.

i found this next card to be odd.  it's a classic combo type card of bryce harper and chipper jones titled 'hitting area'
in the 1964 set, the 'hitting area' card featured dick sisler and vada pinson with sisler pointing out the 'sweet spot' of the bat.  i don't know what is being conveyed on the card above.  just another way to get bryce harper (and chipper, i suppose) into the set.

here's a world series card featuring the centerfield view which doesn't show up on cards too much.
i've got a post in the hopper about that.

there were some inserts in my blaster, too.  a ryan braun new age performer, the killebrew/cabrera then and now card, this news flashback featuring lbj
and a baseball flashback of juan marichal.  i scanned the back for two reasons - one, marichal is a giant and who wants to see that uniform, and two, the text mentions the team from houston as just 'colts'
that's how the team was referenced on the card fronts back in 1964, too.  even though their hats had '.45s' on them.  i don't recall if they were just 'colts' in text, though.

moving on, since i was at a target, there was a red bordered card in the blaster.  conveniently, it was of a red. joey votto to be exact.
 i also got one of the venezuelan black-back parallels.
i'm thinking vern here will pop up on ebay.

i am liking this set but i'm only interested in the dodgers.  i'll go all in for heritage next year.

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Nick said...

That Votto red border is great. It works perfectly with the team colors.

And, speaking of Mallrats, that reminds me of a question.

Did you see the sailboat?