24 March 2013

crackin' blue

so heritage and opening day and even topps stickers have been released, and i haven't even shown off the 2013 topps flagship dodger stuff i received from crackin' wax and his series 1 case break.  the horror.  i know you have seen most if not all of this before, but humor me.  

here's a matt kemp emerald parallel
the matt kemp 1972 mini
and the regular matt kemp chasing history card
i also picked up the sandy koufax chasing history insert
and the hanley ramirez one, too.
i did pretty well with andre ethier as it turned out.  here's his emerald parallel
his gold parallel
his 1972 mini
and a chasing history relic
yee haw.  i was hoping to get one of the 'out of bounds' sp's, but alas i did not.

more emeralds - chad billingsley
joe blanton
and kenley jansen
another gold - chris capuano
and a whole mess of base cards.  like as in multiple team sets.  my two favorite cards are the aj ellis
featuring a lurking clayton kershaw, and the ted lilly
featuring the foliage of the right field bullpen at dodger stadium.  i'm hoping topher does a series 2 break, but prior to that, i'm in for his allen & ginter break.  should be great.

thanks for hosting topher!


P-town Tom said...

The A.J. Ellis card reminds of the "sparkle" SPs Topps had in the 2011 flagship. That's one shiny helmet!

unclemoe said...

Cool Koufax.