05 March 2013

thar was gold in them thar k-marts

before there was wal-mart black or target red or toys r us purple. there was k-mart gold.  back in 2008, topps included gold-ish bordered cards in packs sold exclusively at k-mart.  i think the local k-mart here was still open then, but i didn't got there much.  i did pick up a 2008 chin-lung hu k-mart parallel insert recently, however.
it was part of an oddball-ish lot on ebay that was tailor made for a dodger collector like me.  without any big hits or big names, it sat at it's low opening price the whole time, so i got it for a song.  here's a sepia parallel of jeff kent's 2006 topps triple threads card
and another serial numbered card, this time a 2005 donruss timeless treasures eric gagne card
2005 was the last year where gagne was the guy for the dodgers in most sets.  he got hurt early on and then pitched minimally in 2006 before moving on to texas and boston in 2007.

the lot also included this black bordered 2012 topps gypsy queen jackie robinson mini
and this duke snider mini from the same set
the duke has that red gyspsy lady on the back.  trust me.

there were a couple of other cards in the lot, too.  i like finding these things that, for some reason, sellers think will create a bidding war.  keep 'em coming is all i can say.


night owl said...

You could've got that Hu card from me for free. So many people have sent me it, I figured another Dodger fan couldn't have possibly not had it.

James B. Anama said...

That Hu card was actually a KMart Exclusive insert, not a parallel card. They were Rookie Variation cards that could only be found in blasters sold at KMart. Hard to find in Chicago as there aren't as many left. Was able to get a complete set out of it.


JayBee Anama

Nick said...

I bought quite a few 2008 Topps blasters at K-Mart in search of those gold inserts.

Come to think of it, that's probably the last time I've bought cards at a K-Mart.

Arno said...

These are great cards. I've never seen those K-Mart cards before! I think the last K-Mart is like 10 minutes from my Mom's house.

Mariner1 said...

That solves that mystery. Someone sent me one of a Mariner long ago, but no one seemed to know what it was. You always learn something new when you read the blogs.

gcrl said...

thanks for the comments, guys.

jaybee - i knew it wasn't a parallel from the card number and the bit of research that i did, but i went ahead and typed that anyway!