02 March 2013

plain blue envelopes

continuing my futile effort in keeping up with new mail, i received three plain white envelopes in the mail on thursday.  see?  it's already saturday - this stuff is two days old.  plus, i'm only showing the contents of two of the envelopes.  and i haven't even mentioned the two bubble mailers that showed up the same day!  nor have i posted about a half dozen or so other trade packages i have received recently.

the envelopes, though plain and white, contained pretty much all blue, as in dodgers.  i will acknowledge this one - from new blogger kalib at cubs cardboard.  he sent me two blue parallels from 2013 topps, including joe blanton
who finds himself down the 5 in anaheim these days.  actually, he's still in arizona, but eventually will be throwing at the big a.  so, for minor league prospect ryan o'sullivan, this colletti pick up garnered 10 starts, a 4.99 era, and a 1.42 whip over 57.2 innings of work.

hopefully, adrian gonzalez does better
i read somewhere that this photo might be from his first ab as a dodger, in which he hit a three-run homer.  that's nice, if true.  i went to the first game of that series against the marlins, when the trade with boston was becoming something more than a rumor.

the other pwe i received was of the sase variety.  it contained a ttm autograph return from former dodger, former red sox (part of the gonzalez trade), and current pirate ivan dejesus jr.
i sent to him at pirates camp, and it took only about a week or so.

thanks ivan and kalib! and thanks to hot corner cards, play at the plate, dayf, arpsmith, hiflew, bo, cards on cards, topher, and the junior junkie for also sending me stuff recently.  i will get all of the trade posts posted soon, and if i owe you cards (kalib, hot corner, arpsmith, junior junkie), i will get those in the mail soon, too.

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Spiegel83 said...

I will have to get a TTM request out to DeJesus Jr. Nice return!